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Places with a story to tell

There are not many places in Northamptonshire that have not played a part in its defining industry.  Almost every town and village in the county has its own unique association and story to tell.  Rushden brought safety footwear to the UK, the small village of Wollaston is world famous for Dr. Marten’s and only the bootmakers at Horace Batten were good enough for Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Share your own stories and photos

The GLOBAL FOOTPRINT project aimed to uncover some of these remarkable stories and share them with the world.  These can be explored by clicking the markers on the map and reviewing articles, photos and videos.  This website is only a starting point however.  If you have a story, information or an image to share about your town or village, then please go to the Contribute form , enter the details you have available and we will do the rest.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly.

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